Do you have a “bad feeling” when you walk into your home? Do you feel like negative spirits may still reside there? Let Soul Journey cleanse your home of negativity and dark energies.

Soul Journey Soul rescues

Are you or your family experiencing spiritual activity? I can help cleanse your home of negative experiences of the spirit.

A soul rescuer enables the ghosts trapped on the earth plane, to move into the world of the spirit whilst clearing any residual negativity.

When our time on the earth plane has reached its natural and pre-ordained end, we return to the world of the spirit where our soul will live eternally. There are times when life here has ended and the subject is unaware that they no longer inhabit an earth bound life form and are stuck on the earth plane. Some homes have been built on negative ley lines.
Some are haunted by ghosts along with sad memories of those that lived and died in that place many years before. All of this can affect our health, well-being and psychological state.

Sometimes houses can hold onto negative energy, which seems to be held within the fabric of the may feel a bad ‘vibe’ about the place, and not like the feeling of it.

Negative and/or dark energy can cause havoc in homes that have seemed to change, sometimes subtlety where relationships are affected, where there used to be harmony, there is now disharmony and unhappiness and arguments are rife. And no-one seems to know
the reason why! Dark energy thrives on hurt, negativity and disharmony.

Where people who were happy, now feel unhappiness and not really know why things have changed.
This can also be said for people who have moved into a new environment. Where things unfortunately can seem to fall apart.

In some cases people may seem to change, this may be because there is an attachment by a negative energy.

Sometimes, it’s not the people, it’s something that is happening spiritually on a negative level and possibly on a dark level.Within the environment. Whether that be a work or a home environment.

Soul rescues and/or clearances can help clear negative energy and dark energy from someones home, but also from their aura.
The aura is the physical energy field that surrounds every organism.

Some negative energies can cause a great deal of disruption emotionally and sometimes physically in someones home or work environments and this can be quite frightening and sometimes life changing.
With the help of the Angels and my Spirit Guides these negative energies can be cleared, where positivity and harmony are restored both within a person and within the environments affected.

Is your house haunted with negative or dark energies?
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