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Soul Journey Soul rescues

Are you or your family experiencing spiritual activity? I can help cleanse your home of negative and dark experiences of the spirit variety. A soul rescuer enables the ghosts trapped on the earth plane, to move into the world of the spirit whilst clearing any residual energy including dark and possibly demonic negativity.

When our time on the earth plane has reached its natural and pre-ordained end, we return to the world of the spirit where our soul will live eternally. There are times when life here has ended and the subject is unaware that they no longer inhabit an earth bound life form and are stuck on the earth plane. Some homes have been built on negative ley lines. Some are haunted by ghosts along with sad memories of those that lived and died in that place many years before. All of this can affect our health, well-being and psychological state.

Soul rescues or clearances can help clear negative energy and dark energy from someones home. Some negative energies can cause a great deal of disruption emotionally and sometimes physically in someones home or work environments and this can be quite frightening.With the help of Spirit these energies can be cleared.

Sometimes people can feel quite comfortable with energies around them and ask me to just let them know who they are.

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B. S. Moran, Ireland

“I had an uplifting reading with Mary this evening. I found her to be a sensitive and an accurate reader who is focused and spot on. I would highly recommend a reading with Mary for anyone who is seeking clarity and direction. I will use her services again in the near future.”


“Our house feels completely different since Mary carried out a soul removal and things have now settled down considerably. I cannot recommend this lady highly enough. She is not only a lovely person but very informative and very accurate. Would definitely use her again and if you are experiencing strange phenomena in your house, this is the lady to help you! Thank you, Mary.”


“Thank you Mary for a very informative reading today. Without any prompting at all, you were spot on in tuning into my situation and were very helpful in telling me what I wanted to know from your guide (which of course is not the same as being told what you want to hear). I am very grateful for your insight and will call again. Thoroughly recommend to all.”


“Mary was lovely to speak to and immediately tuned into my situation. She was spot on with everything she said and gave many predictions. Thank you for your help today. Love and light.”


“Mary has a true gift of clairvoyance, wisdom, insight and knowledge. Just had my second visit and came away feeling lighter and brighter and reassured, after having my head blown off as to her mediumship. I can heartily recommend Mary to anyone looking for an excellent reading. Thank you Mary.”

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