I am a qualified past life regression hypnotherapist (DPLT). At Soul Journey, I can help you heal your past and overcome stress and negative influences in your life.

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Why do we reincarnate?

Evolution: We reincarnate in order to experience and evolve.

Karma: We reincarnate to balance out our karma which is the law of cause and effect. However, it would appear that we can have karma with not only individuals but also with groups of people, places and even whole countries.

Entrapment: We reincarnate because we are stuck and only when we raise the vibration, our collective consciousness, through balance of karma, can we escape the cycle of rebirth.

Addiction: There is also a theory that we are addicted to life. However, when the soul leaves our body and returns to the world of the spirit, it can decide whether to come back in order to develop through gathering deeper knowledge, experiences and to work through any addictions, irrational fears and phobias which may have come through a past life to the current life.

Healing: Past life regression hypnotherapy can help us heal from past life experiences. It has a good reputation for finding and resolving fears and phobias, many of which trace back to past life traumas. Some people are born with unusual physical symptoms like a continuous chronic pain in one part of their body that has no original cause. Some may also have oddly shaped birth marks or unexplained indentations on their body, which turn out to be where they were injured in a past life.

Why do a past life regression?

One of the main reasons that people wish to be regressed is through interest or curiosity. A particular noise like the sound of an old fashioned aeroplane can trigger a past life feeling. For example, when we visit a particular area for the first time and have a feeling that we have been there before and can predict what is around the corner. Another example is, when we meet someone for the first time yet feel that we have known them all our life. We can get vibes or feelings which may be good or indeed unsettling from some of those we encounter. Past life memories can also emerge through flashbacks, day dreams or during the sleep state, when through the subconscious mind we experience a deep sense of deja vu where small facets of a past life are vividly remembered. Children especially can say the most profound statements like ‘I am glad I chose you this time mummy’ because their vibration is less cluttered and free.

Past Life regression can help in a number of ways.

It can help when we have met someone with whom we have a strong connection and are finding difficultly understanding or coping with the connection.It can also help those who feel they have met their Soul Mate of Twin Flame, as it can help open the unconscious in order to discover where and sometimes when the connection began.

I’m always aware that Spirit will enable you to go back to the life or lives that will be of most help to you in your current life. Past Life regression can also give you healing from a past life.
With Hypnotherapy you are always in control. its safe and potentially enlightening.

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“I have been to Mary twice now, once for a psychic reading and once for past life regression. On both occasions, Mary has been inviting and has managed to hit a nerve with her ability to pinpoint a problem or issue that was bothering me. She was able to talk about relatives that have passed and could pinpoint to a precise town in Devon where my family originates from (she was so good that I had to go away and research my own family history. Needless to say, I was very impressed when my research supported 100% what Mary had said). I would recommend her with all my heart. Mary has given me hope and reassurance in my future career and personal life. Past life regression is something that everybody should consider without fear. It has made sense of my inhibitions in this life as well as some strange dreams I have had. Whilst it can be a frightening prospect, there was not one moment where I felt out of control of the situation. There were things that I saw which I did not pass on to her and this helped to maintain privacy. Mary will be a part of my life for a while to come and I have already recommended her to many people.”


“Hi Mary, just wanted to let you know I spoke to my mum briefly today and asked her if she knew anyone called Dolly, as you were saying Dolly and Terry. We knew a Ted in the family. Well, my mum said Dolly was her dad’s sister! And her dad’s brother was Ted and he used to do the farmer’s market and worked on a farm as did my mum’s dad. You were saying you could see a farm and countryside and we were puzzled but my mum knew what we were on about. I’m sure there’s maybe more she can shed light on so thank you for the reading.”

Verity and Irene

“Upon arriving for our reading with Mary, she instantly put us at ease, it felt like visiting a friend for coffee. The reading itself was fantastic. It was like having the family members in the room with us. As Mary made us feel so comfortable and at ease, both myself and my mum have booked in for regression therapy, which we are quite excited about. Mary truly has a remarkable gift.”

Verity and Irene

“Hi Mary, thank you again for the regression, it was a great experience and I have looked at a couple of the addresses and found them which has made it all the more intriguing.
Evidence and research
I found one of the addresses in Slough, although it seems to be a hotel. The church is in Slough but on a different road. Also, found Emily Green on census with the brother. Will be looking into it more thoroughly. So, will keep you updated with my finds. My mum and myself will be looking to book another reading with you soon.”

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